California Dreamin

Meine Heimat is poised to implement the most draconian climate change measures ever enacted in the United States. Two Senate Bills require the state to cut various emissions to below their 1990 levels. A skeptical L.A. Times writes:

Californians are likely to pay more for gasoline, electricity, food and new homes — and to feel their lives jolted in myriad other ways — because their state broadly expanded its war on climate change this summer.

The ambitious new goals will require complex regulations on an unprecedented scale, but were approved in Sacramento without a study of possible economic repercussions.

Nor, apparently, were the regulations approved in consultation with the industries they will affect most. The agriculture sector is already fleeing the state, and with ideas like this, more of that industry will continue to flee:

At a heated meeting in June, dairy officials pleaded with the Air Resources Board that they already reduced methane emissions. Air board scientist Ryan McCarthy suggested that new technology could help, and the discussion turned to an experimental system from Argentina that would capture gas in a backpack on each cow through a hose inserted into their digestive system.

“All of our jaws hit the floor,” recalled Raudabaugh. “It is an outlandish scheme.”

Of course, neither the L.A. times nor anyone in Sacramento has named the most obvious source of increasing emissions in the Golden State: people. California’s population has skyrocketed from 10 million in 1950 to almost 40 million today. Growth has “slowed” but is still on an upward trajectory, with CA adding several million people every few years. The majority of these California Dreamers come from places (third world shit holes or rural Midwestern shit holes) that had previously limited their capacity to do what they plan to do as new Californians: drive, consume, drive some more, then consume some more.

CA’s emissions will not be cut to 1990s levels without draconian restrictions on industry or draconian restrictions on migration and fertility. Draconian restrictions on the California lifestyle will not be tolerated by Californians, especially not the new ones (note that the skeptical Times article was written by an Armenian), and although I suspect Governor Moonbeam secretly would like to implement some anti-dysgenic population control measures, that aint happening this side of the zombie apocalypse. So that leaves draconian restrictions on industry in a state famous for draconian restrictions on industry.

How many regulations will it take to break the back of the golden bear?


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